lørdag 29. mai 2010


Can't wait for my subscribers issue. Kirsten looks so fresh and I love that ELLE chose a white background in stead of their usual grey (see subscribers issues Sep. '09, Feb. '10, March '10, April '10 and May '10). Though I love their covers, the grey background is getting old, so I love the change. The July cover with Kylie Minogue I loved too.
Can't wait for seeing Kirstens photos!
Coco's Teaparty

So..impatient as I've always been, I checked out the behind the scenes film @ Elleuk.com and took some stills of the video! Her own heartcardi (right) is really cute and works great with her casual style. The leopard dress (or shirt) looks awesome and the skirt/shirt combo is also great for KS! Also: her cover photo in colours:

(click to enlarge)

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