mandag 5. oktober 2009

Back from Rome

Just got back from Rome, Italy. Went there with my family for atumn break. Loved it! this was my first trip to Italy, but believe me, not my last. Coming from the cold north with -1 *c to 25*c I wore nothing great, just shortws and a white tee all of the time. Unfortunately I never thougt of the fact that to go to churches in Italy you have to cover your shoulders and legs, so I ended up walking around with the uglyest scarf ever tied around my legs..haha, Anywho, I am terrible at taking photos, but having a great cam on my cell helps a bit. Shopping in Roma is great, mostly a bit too expensive though. Any tips for my next trip?

2 kommentarer:

Ingrid sa...

OMG Mari-lou! har du vært i Roma?? Æ har ikke ord for kor sjalu æ e! Det så kjempefint ut, åååå så heldig du e. Neste tur e kanskje til Cali? Hopefully! klem

Maria Es sa...

ofc, Cali står øverst på lista, det blir til sommeren:D du må poste masse bilda derifra til then! Vi savne dæ hær i Tromsø! X's and o's