mandag 11. mai 2009


Coco Rocha shot by Steven Meisel, September 2007 in the style of Vermeer( who also painted "the girl with the pearl earing").

This months American Vogue feature story is all about Steven Meisel. The amazing photographer has shot just about every great model there is. Naomi, Giselle, Jessica Stam, Coco Rocha and Linda Evangelista just to mention a few. Jonathan Van Meter has written a great story about Meise, which is worth taking some time to read. Some of Stevens great photos are also shown.

Linda Evangelista in Karl Lagerfeldt for Chanel in a 1930's ensemble, October 1992

Steven Meisel, the models godfather? American Vogue may 2009

This is Steven Meisel's latest shoot for Amreican Vogue. Can you imagine being in a room with all of the people in this photo at the same time? Talk about beautiful people, and such great shots. Steven Meisel is absolutely an amazing photographer. Coco Rocha has even describet this shot as the best she has ever been to and probably ever will.

All pictures: Photographer: Steven Meisel

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